Crossfit Little Ninjas

Age 3-5

 30 minutes of running, jumping, swinging, rolling and climbing. This class is simply about FUN! In the form of games and obstacle courses, our little ninjas learn basic functional movements and skills needed in every day life. Parents are asked to stay, watch and enjoy.

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Crossfit Pre-Teens 

Age 10-12

 Our Pre-teen sessions are the next step up from the Kids classes. In this 45 minute session we start to introduce more fitness based games and slightly longer workouts with moving well and safely still being a priority. Little to no weight will be used learning the techniques and skills to prepare them for CrossFit Teens.

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Crossfit Teens

Age 12-16

CrossFit Teens – Age 12-16 Our CrossFit Teens are an awesome bunch of guys and girls. In this hour session, they go through a similar format to an adult class – a warm up, a skill or technique then a WOD (workout of the day). We start learning lifting techniques with a PVC pipe then progressing when they have perfected the movement hundreds of times. We work on Gymnastic elements, pull ups, toes to bar, rope climbs and handstands but most of all we keep fit, have fun and enjoy our time in the gym. Our teens are made up of not just the ‘sporty’ kids and even the kids who don’t like PE find their strengths and can work on their weaknesses in a encouraging and supportive environment.

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Crossfit Kids

Age 5-10

45 Minutes of games, challenges and short workouts. Just like little ninjas, the focus is on fun and moving safely throughout the session. Our kids will never be asked to lift weights in these classes but will learn to skip, do burpees, squats, presses and much more while having fun along the way

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