Meet the coaches

Amy Danes

Amy is the beating heart of CFK. At every session she will find time to chat to each member to really understand where they are at. She remembers the weights they lift, the times they hit, their Birthday and the name of their dog. 

She began dancing at the age of two and was ultimately awarded a 3 year scholarship at Millenium Performing Arts in London where she earned a National Diploma in Professional Musician Theatre. After years of dancing professionally and teaching dance she initially tried Crossfit to improve her strength and stamina. 

She knew she was hooked when during a stage show she was thinking about tomorrow’s WOD. Soon the buzz of training and adrenaline rush of competing took over from the feeling of performing. 


Amy has extensive experience as a competitive athlete which is evident in the competitions she organises and runs. Amy’s attention to detail is exceptional pitching competitions to challenge athletes at the right level whilst creating excitement for spectators.

Coaching Crossfit Kids has also become a real passion, “To see Kids grow in confidence and find strength they didn’t know they had is really rewarding especially when they are not naturally ‘sporty’ “

Equally seeing CFK members develop within the Box is exciting but the real reward comes for Amy when it makes a huge difference to someone’s quality of life outside the Box. 

Amy loves - coffee and a chat, babies, cuddles with Mr Danes and her CFK Kids.

Affiliate Owner & Head Coach

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Luke Wolf

Luke is full of little gems of training wisdom and will always find time for those who are keen and willing to work hard. His attention to detail and ability to learn and retain knowledge is a little bit Jedi. He isn’t one for small talk but when he coaches we all listen carefully. 

Luke has always been the outdoorsy type riding horses from a really young age and managing land for the family business. 

He was first introduced to Crossfit by his sister who asked him to come and support her whilst she competed at South Coast Throwdown, a competition run by CFK. The prospect of watching a load of egotistical gym bunnies working out seemed strange! The reality couldn't have been more different. People from all over Devon and Cornwall were shouting and cheering on strangers, those coming in last - the atmosphere was exciting and super friendly. 

Luke was really nervous stepping into CFK for the first time but Amy offered him a warm welcome, scaled the workout and he left with a great sense of achievement. 

“In those early days the workouts sometimes seemed impossible especially when I was nervous and unsure but I would always leave amazed that I’d done it!” 

After several years of hard work Luke has developed into an amazing athlete and coach. His specialist classes Barbell and Gymnastics are always packed. His greatest satisfaction comes from getting the basics absolutely right, setting a strong foundation to keep CFK members moving correctly and performing at their best whatever the ability level. 

Luke Loves - hard work, meat, hollow rocks, being called a Jedi.

Coach and Jedi

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Rachel Berridge


Rachel is a lean mean boy raising machine who will be found in the box most days grinning from ear to ear. Around a crazy busy life renovating barns and feeding pigs she pretty much eats, sleeps and breaths Crossfit. 

With 20 years experience in the fitness industry she started Crossfit in 2016 with a 5 month old baby in tow and passionately feels it is all things to all people. 

“It doesn’t matter if you’re 3 or 80, well or injured, tall or short, thin or fat, male or female, new to exercise or an athlete, Crossfit is so varied you will be good at some things and suck at others. It’s a total leveller. I want people to feel so welcome and reassured they will want to come back every week and before you know it they will have exceeded their own expectations.”

Rachel has specialised in exercise for the elderly, coached post operative breast cancer patients, clocked up many personal training hours and taught many studio classes over the years. She is also a PADI scuba instructor with 10 years teaching experience, nervous students in a challenging environment certainly improved her teaching skills! 

Rachel is on a mission to make CFK even more inclusive by introducing Crossfit to members of our wider community. She feels the elderly in particular would benefit hugely. 

Rachel loves - Crossfit, a cheeky rum, The Berridge Boys, Crossfit, being on/in/near the sea, errr Crossfit

Coach and mother of two small pirates 

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Andrew Ives

Andy is a machine, we are pretty sure he levitates during press-ups and moonlights as a superhero. Whether he’s coaching or training he is surrounded by a forcefield of energy and enthusiasm. Whatever your ability he will always help you find that extra you didn’t know you had. 

Being a sporty teenager led him into a long career in the Royal Marines. Andy is a Mountain leader and thrives on the constant challenge this brings. 

Andy’s first Crossfit session was with a US military affiliate. Everyone was really passionate and completely dispelled the myths around Crossfit. 

“The drive to become a coach was immediate having seen such high standards from day one. We are blessed with great people at CFK and I’m very glad to be part of it. We learn from each other and that’s special.”

Andy will always give up his time and loves seeing people hit their big milestones. He will push hard but it is always tempered with a sense of humour and kindness.

Andy loves - the great outdoors, good coffee, a hero WOD, his partner Jo.

Coach - Part Time Superhero

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