Each hour long Crossfit session is run by one of our qualified coaches and limited to 12 per class. The coaches will always scale and adapt the workout to ensure you progress at the right pace for you. The session begins with a warmup and mobility and then into strength work or skills practice. Finishing with the WOD (Workout of the day). Crossfit is constantly varied so bye bye dull gym routine. Be warned... it’s addictive!

Suitable for all abilities 

Barbell Club focuses entirely on the most technical Olympic lifts we perform, clean & jerk and the snatch. Barbell Club is perfect for those who have never lifted before to ensure movements are mastered right from the beginning. Each lift is broken down into its separate parts with little or no weight on the bar. 
Barbell Club is also excellent for experienced lifters to finely tune their skills. We want to keep seeing those gainz! 

Barbell Club

Suitable for all abilities 


Suitable for all abilities 

Our gymnastics sessions are not what you might imagine. We won’t be tumbling or flipping but we will be working on body weight exercises like press ups, pull ups, sit ups, box jumps, handstands and ring work. Gymnastic movements contribute to the development of the arms, legs, shoulders, back, chest and particularly the core. These movements are fundamental to everything we do inside and outside The Box. Most of all we have a good giggle trying skills we haven’t attempted since we were kids! 

Come and join us for an early morning 45 minute  Hiit session. The movements are simple but intense to super charge your engine for the day ahead. Try not to be too smug when your workout is done before most people are even out of bed! 


Suitable for all abilities 

If you would like an introduction to Crossfit, learn a few movements, would like specific programming for a sport or competition or fancy a group session with friends and family please get in touch. 

We have 4 qualified, friendly coaches with different specialties. Please have a read of the ‘Meet the Coaches’ page and email for prices and information.

Personal Training

Suitable for all abilities 
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